A Youth Network tends to three fundamental needs of youth – to improve their lives of their networks, and to impact other youngsters somewhere else to make a move – and, also, an adolescent system can be built up with a plan to address a particular need that a gathering of youngsters have acknowledged in the general public. They try to address the inquiries of the legislature, the network, or their companions through this system. This need may likewise be an open door for them to seize and make employments for themselves. Whatever it will be, it must be a need that expects them to cooperate.



Indonesia Youth Network aims to organize events and competitions that will serve as a platform for the Youth to enhance their Public Speaking, Research Paper Writing, Debating Skills and expose them to different diplomatic affairs. IYN is committed to motivate Youth and enhance their academic skills and expose them to different international platforms to showcase their acquired skills. IYN is focused on Youth Empowerment because we believe that the future of the world is in hands of Youth.